How To Order


1. Click on the merchandise that you are interested in.
2. Click on Add to Cart to purchase the merchandise.
3. Don’t forget to indicate the size if required.
4. Click on Continue Browsing if you would like to continue shopping.
5. If you are finished, click on Checkout.
6. Login (if you already set-up an account) or Click Register, please enter all of your contact information.
7. Please set-up a unique password once you've set up your log in.
8. Billing & Shipping page make sure the information is correct.
9. Shipping charges will be added to the bill. (This is an estimate for shipping   you will be charged the correct cost on final invoice.
10. Click Continue to proceed to Payment Method.
11. Click Continue to fil out Credit card information.
12. Fill out Credit card Information and click Continue to complete order.
13. You will receive an order confirmation letting you know your order is in process.
14. If you need to contact us please see Contact Us page.